eVault Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery Platform

EVault Desktop is a backup and recovery solution for desktops and laptops in your organization. With approximately 60% of business data residing on PCs, according to IDC, it is imperative that you protect all data—not just the content of your data center. As your workforce becomes more mobile and laptops replace desktops as the systems of choice, data loss poses an even greater risk: Laptops can be left behind in hotels, taxicabs, other locations or easily stolen.


Why put your organization at risk for data and employee productivity loss? EVault Desktop minimizes data loss and enables your employees to get back to work quickly and easily. Completely integrated with EVault Software, EVault Desktop makes it easy to protect your entire organization, from the servers in your data center to remote computers and “road warrior” machines, using one simple solution.

Supports 24/7 Operations

EVault Desktop works in the background, allowing users to continue working while data is backed up. Open applications and files, such as Outlook, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations are backed up seamlessly, ensuring that business continues uninterrupted during backup windows. 


EVault Desktop is flexible: You can manage systems centrally or have end-users manage backups themselves. If you select the centralized option, all desktops and laptops are configured and managed from Web CentralControl, EVault’s web-based administrative console. IT managers can easily set up a “best practice” backup job and replicate its settings to other systems, streamlining deployment. An at-a-glance dashboard verifies that backups have occurred and simplifies troubleshooting. With the end-user option, you provide employees with an easy-to-use application

in which wizards step them through installation and configuration. 

Efficient and WAN Optimized

EVault Desktop backups are efficient and WAN optimized, providing an ideal solution for Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO) backups. EVault DeltaPro™ backs up only new and changed data blocks within files, dramatically reducing data sent over the wire, decreasing backup windows and reducing storage footprints. Data deduplication decreases this further by eliminating duplicate data within storage. 

End-to-End Data Security

EVault Desktop lets you encrypt data before and during over-the-wire transmission, and it remains encrypted in storage. During restores, decryption occurs only when the encryption key holder enters the correct pass code. There are no “back door” decryption keys. 

Compliance with Industry and Corporate Governance Requirements

EVault Desktop makes it easy to comply with regulations for confidentiality, accessibility, and secure storage. Centralized backup policies ensure that you capture data that may not be saved by end-users on corporate network drives. An intuitive interface lets you configure retentions flexibly to satisfy your company’s governance policies. Support for WORM storage ensures data integrity, and tiered storage capability lets you migrate seldom-used data to lower-cost media.

Reasons to join:
  •  Automation
  • Security and Protection
  •  Reliability of Restorations
Service Levels 
  EVault SaaS EVault SaaS Plus
For: Non-tech professionals
Moderately sophisticated but resource-constrained IT staff
HQ IT site staff with limited or non technical remote staff
In: Small to midsized, moderate/growing data sets, with heterogenous computing environments Mid to large sized, growing data sets; growth in distributed data; more complex environments
That require: Proactive recovery management
Regulated backup and recovery thresholds
Stronger security
Live customer service
Same as SaaS, plus:
Custom retention (i.e. for regulations/compliance)
Long term retention
Individual email recovery
Price relief for high data volume
Product is: Premier online backup and recovery service for small to medium data sets Customizable online backup and recovery services for medium and large data sets
Retentions: 30 days, or 30 days + 11 months Unlimited
Data range: 25-250GB 100-1000GB
Key value: Easy deployment and management
Broad platform support
Optimized performance
Secure, certified DP infrastructure
Express support 24/7
Express recovery options
Same as SaaS, plus:
Extended (1+ years) or custom data retention
Complete rollback
Compressed and deduped data pricing
Exchange MAPI support

Pricing based on contract length, committed dataset size and options chosen (Exchange MAPI/DR, SQL support). All services are billed on a monthly basis. Data range indicates monthly minimum data commitment.

Key Benefits

EVault data protection enables firms to:

  • Meet compliance requirements (PIPEDA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SAS70)
  • Simplify and streamline backup and recovery
  • Ensure data is always available
Meet Compliance Requirements Data in Canada and US

Pass compliance audits seamlessly. Our SAS 70 Type II-certified data centers, coupled with complete data encryption, enable you to protect client data and comply with regulations such as Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and Sarbanes Oxley (SOX).

It's About the Recovery

With on-site and cloud-based solutions, we provide you with a rock-solid approach for managing and replicating your backups for off-site disaster recovery, ensuring business continuity and a rapid return to operations.

Streamlining data protection

EVault supports heterogeneous environments and provides an easy-to-use web interface for point-and-click data protection. Our easy-to-use offerings save you time, reduce costs, and virtually eliminate errors.

More Information
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